Benefits of “green remodeling”


Incorporating green building products and practices in remodeling projects results in an enhanced living space for your family and financial savings for you as the homeowner.  Even the smallest effort can make a big difference. While particular benefits will vary depending on the specific choices made, the general benefits are:
  • Substantial savings on your monthly energy and water bills through increased efficiency
  • Up to $1500 in Energy Tax Credits through 2010
  • Healthier living space for your family by reducing harmful substances in your home
  • Less maintenance required from the use of more durable materials
  • Preserves our natural resources for generations to come

Green building is not just a passing trend.  It is the standard that establishes how we will create our living spaces-today and tomorrow.


About hdrremodeling

Co-owner and Creative Director of solutions focused. highly creative residential remodeling company.
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