A Kitchen “Refresh” Test Case

A number of people have expressed interest in the blog article entitled “Refresh vs. Remodel” so we thought it would be worthwhile to share the results of a refresh project that is underway.     My partner and I bought our home in Oakland, California in 1992.     The kitchen was literally a disaster area with rusted Hobart cabinets that had doors falling from the hinges, a non-functioning top loading dishwasher (yes, they did exist at one time) and a harvest gold electric range that was the only source of heat for the back portion of the house.    We used to eat dinner by the light of electric oven coils  as we huddled in front of it.   Needless to say, remodeling the kitchen was the first priority investment for making the house livable.     This is what we were able to accomplish in 1992 on a budget of $30k.

1992 Remodel before Refresh

This is what we could afford in 1992

The kitchen has served us very well for 18 years as the site for family dinners as well as  hundreds of parties and social gatherings.   We have served sit-down dinners for 50 people out of this kitchen which is an accomplishment in itself.   But let’s face it, the space is definitely overdue for a face lift.   Our current budget does not provide for a total remodel so we are going to follow our own advice and refresh the space with new floors, counter tops, back splash and cabinet hardware.   The new floors are already installed and they look amazing.   We will keep you informed of our progress as the rest of the project is completed.


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