Are You Ready?

My partner and I were watching “2012” last night on DVD and were struck by the timeliness of the earthquake scenes that were intended to thrill the action-movie audience but suddenly seemed very real in light of the recent events in Haiti and Chile.  The fact is, that nobody wants to believe that a natural disaster is going to strike your home town but let’s face it- bad things happen to good people everyday.    Are you ready to survive some sort of natural disaster?   Admittedly, those of us who live in California have more motivation to create a survival plan but then again, the inhabitants of New Orleans would have benefited from some survival planning and they live far away from any earthquake zones.     So here is some helpful advice:

Ready America

Always Be Prepared
The recent events in Haiti and Chile have been a startling reminder of the importance of being well prepared in an emergency.
To ensure that your family has the right plan in place go to Ready America to learn more.  This is a really good website with helpful, practical advice on what you should do to be prepared for an emergency.

Protect your Family and Property

These are some of the common house-related issues that should be addressed to protect your family and property in the event of an earthquake.
  • Brace the hot water heater
  • Bolt the mud sill to the foundation
  • Add bracing to cripple walls
  • Anchor large appliances or furniture to the wall
  • Upgrade structural support of any living area over a garage

Call or email Philip Anderson at (510) 845-6100 or to schedule a complimentary in-home evaluation.   Visit the Earthquake Preparedness page on our website to learn more about our services.

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