Capture the Outdoors

Capture the Outdoors

Outdoor Living Space
Enhancing or expanding an outdoor living space is an ideal way to take full advantage of the California lifestyle and add value to the enjoyment of your home. The addition of a deck or patio off your kitchen is the most cost effective way to make your home feel larger and more inviting. Comfortable seating, an umbrella for shade and a couple of propane heaters creates an outdoor room that you can use for most of the year.
Outdoor living space

Expand your house with an outdoor living room

Based on the analysis done by Remodeling Magazine, adding a deck, patio or outdoor living area is one of the best investments you can make from a return on investment basis. If you are considering making improvements to your outdoor space, please call us now!    Our summer schedule is already starting to fill up.

Add an outdoor great room on to your kitchen


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