Making the most of what you have

Many of us own homes that provide more than enough square footage to accommodate the needs of our families.  The key is to ensure that the living space within your home is designed and implemented to the best advantage.    Take a moment to evaluate every room in your house.  Are there rooms that are designated for entertaining e.g., the dining room that only get occasional use? Is your living room under-utilized because most of your gatherings occur in the family room?  Do you have guest bedrooms that are only occupied on a rare occasion?   What about the basement, garage and attic?  Are there opportunities to capture additional space without expanding the footprint of your house?   Fortunately, the era of the MacMansion has passed us by.   Most homeowners are focused on maximizing the efficiency of their homes without increasing the square footage.   This makes a lot of sense from a budget, maintenance and ecological standpoint.  This is a list of ideas for creating dual functions for many of the rooms of your home.

1.  Convert your dining room into a home office or library that can be easily transformed into a space for entertaining when the need arises.

2.  Break down the formality and stiffness of your living room with comfortable reading chairs and lamps.  If members of your family are musically inclined then use your living room as a music room.  Add a flat-screen TV to provide viewing alternatives beyond the family room or kitchen.

3. Expand your kitchen with French doors that open to a deck or patio.  Adding an outdoor living space is a very cost effective way to make the most of the space that is available without increasing the carbon footprint of your home.

4. Guest bedrooms provide another opportunity to create rooms with dual functions.    Add a work table and storage cabinets as a place for school projects, crafts and hobbies.

5. Lastly, look at your basement or garage to see if there is under-utilized space that can be more effectively used.

The first priority of remodeling should be about making the most of what you have.


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