Kitchen Refresh Test Case #3

We are ready to install the pendant lights in our newly “refreshed” kitchen after which we will publish the finished photographs.  These are the changes that really made the difference in our kitchen.

  1. We spent $20 each to have the library pulls re-plated.  It seemed expensive at first but what a difference it makes.
  2. We transformed a niche on the wall across from the island by tiling it to match the back splash.  We decided to do it as an afterthought but it really makes the kitchen.  It now provides a showplace for one of our favorite bronze statues that never really found a place in our home.
  3. We moved our collection of antique architectural prints into the kitchen to give them new life.   They have languished in our dining room for too long.   The hand-painted floral prints that have been in the kitchen look completely new in the dining room.
  4. We painted the kitchen in Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe which is not an obvious choice of wall color but once again, the unexpected makes such a difference.
  5. We eliminated some of the recessed can lights to add 3 carved onyx light fixtures over the island.    Pendant lights are truly the jewelry that set off the rest of the design.
  6. The new Silestone counter top is sleek and beautiful.   I sometimes wonder if we shouldn’t have been more adventuresome with our choice of materials but the end result is subtle but truly wonderful.

I think the key takeaways are to pay attention to the details, no matter how small.  Have the courage to make some unexpected choices.   Those decisions will probably be your favorites.  Look for opportunities to recycle, re-purpose and refresh what you have by surrounding it with new colors, finishes and textures.

Refreshing a space is not necessarily the most cost efficient way to go.   It certainly costs less than a full-on remodel.  We spent about  $20,000 on new counter tops, floor tile, accent tile, light fixtures, paint and artwork.   The important thing is that we feel like we are spending time in a totally new space when we gather in the kitchen.  It is so nice to rediscover a space after living in it for 18 years.


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Co-owner and Creative Director of solutions focused. highly creative residential remodeling company.
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