Kitchen Refresh Outcome

View from the cooking area

View from the cooking area

We have completed the kitchen “refresh” that is talked about in a couple of our earlier blogs.   The objective of the project was to give the space a new look without making the investment to do a total makeover.   Since the cabinets are in good shape and the overall layout still works, we decided to upgrade the materials and finishes to get the biggest bang for the buck.


We laid a new 24″ by 24″ tile floor and installed Silestone quartz counter tops.


Entrance view from the dining room

Entrance view from the dining room

The polished brass cabinet pulls were re-plated in brushed nickel and the hardware, fixtures and appliances in the rest of the room were switched out to stainless steel.




We replaced some of the recessed lights over the island with alabaster pendant lights that give off an incredibly warm light.

New Backsplash

New Backsplash


We used a mosaic version of the floor tile as the field for the back splash and inserted a row of variegated tiles that simulate bamboo to provide a nice “unexpected” accent.



The final change was not part of the original plan but turned out to be the dramatic focal point that completes the space.   We used left over tile from the back splash to upgrade the the recessed niche across from the cooking area.   It is now the perfect location to show off a piece of art and provides a whole new aesthetic dimension to the kitchen.

Recessed Niche

Recessed Niche

Now that the “refresh” is complete, many guests assume that the entire kitchen was remodeled.   That is an example of getting the maximum return from a relatively modest investment.  The total project cost less than $20,000 to complete which is an excellent value when compared to the cost of a brand new kitchen at $60,000 to $80,000.


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