Azek, the leader in PVC Decking

For the first of our articles on low-maintenance, high-enjoyment decks, we are going to share information about Azek.   This is brand that is well-established on the east coast where the seasonal weather changes are hard on decks and homeowners welcome the unique benefits of PVC decking.   Azek has not established a strong-hold on the west coast but is starting to attract attention.

To make this easier to understand, let me lay the groundwork regarding engineered decking materials. Azek is the best known example of PVC decking which is made of poly-vinyl chloride.  It is chemically synthesized and molded and does not use any recycled, or organic materials in its formulation.  Most of us would refer to it as “plastic” decking.  Before you reject Azek on that concept alone, let me round out the picture.   PVC decking is light weight, very durable, stain and scratch resistant and easy to install.    I have found that many clients prefer the look of it over redwood and composite decking.    Even though it is not made from recycled or organic  materials, it’s durability and longevity makes it eco-friendly because your deck will last longer without requiring periodic chemical treatments.

Azek Deck

Design for New Azek Deck

Does it look like real wood? No it doesn’t.  But it does provide an easy-care alternative that will stand up to the wear and tear of pets, outdoor barbecues and the wet winters that are common here


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2 Responses to Azek, the leader in PVC Decking

  1. Jackie says:

    We have had a Azek deck for less than 3 years and have found it not as claimed. It has turned white in areas exposed to sum, leaving us with a spotted deck where furniture was or in shaded areas such as under the gazebo. Contacted the company and they said this was “normal weathering” and recommended a product called Deck Max Green. While reading reviews on this I found only peoples’ experience with Timbertech decking which were not good… anyone’s experience with Azek and fading or Deck Max Green?

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