Railing Systems

Fortress Railing System

Railings are another important part of your deck that fulfill an important safety function while also creating the visual statement that helps set the tone for the space.  When choosing a railing it is important to be clear on whether you want the railing itself or the view beyond to be the focal point.

There are two companies that we highly recommend for attractive, low maintenance railing systems that achieve different end results visually.

The first and more affordable option is Fortress Railing and Fencing which offers a broad range powder-coated metal railings, many of which are nicely paired with other materials such as wood or glass.    Fortress specializes in more traditional styles that work well in the older neighborhoods of the East Bay.

Feeney Cable Railing System

Feeney Cable Rail is a more contemporary, low maintenance and easy-to-install railing option for homes with a view. The standard, prefabricated assemblies are made from high strength, stainless steel cable and are designed to replace commonly used metal or wood railing pickets. The assemblies are laced horizontally through holes drilled in the intermediate posts of your railing frame and then tensioned at opposite end posts with special fittings. The result is not only extremely durable and attractive but virtually invisible, allowing beautiful, unimpaired views.


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