HDR Remodeling-Big 50 Winner

Press Release
May 10, 2011
HDR Remodeling has been selected by Remodeling Magazine as one of the top 50 remodeling companies in the country for 2011.

HDR Remodeling has been selected out of a national field of candidates as one of the companies that is leading the industry for customer service, creative remodeling solutions and the ability to thrive in the face of business and economic challenges.
This award reinforces the credibility that our company has established over its 22 year history. We have been specifically acknowledged in the area of “partnership” based on the culture we have created within our company, the strong relationships we have forged with our loyal clients and the service that we provide to the community through our volunteer efforts.
About the Big 50 Award
The Big 50 awards were first given in 1986 to recognize the remodeling companies with the highest sales by major market. Today the award recognizes companies of all sizes that show excellence and industry leadership.
The selection process includes analysis of the company’s financial performance and profitability, a review of the website, interviews with the key company stakeholders and customer interviews done by a third-party.
The award recognizes the unique partnership of Philip Anderson and Jim Tibbs who are the owners of the business as well as being life partners for the last 32 years. Both Philip and Jim started their careers working for large corporations such as Clorox, Proctor and Gamble, Macy’s and Levi’s Strauss. They have put their marketing, sales, quality assurance and product development expertise to use in new ways to build a successful and well-respected remodeling company.
Philip and Jim will be attending the Remodeling Leadership Conference on May 12 and 13, a gathering of the industry movers and shakers from across the country that precedes the awards ceremony on the evening of May 13. The awards ceremony will be held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.
Client Comments
“After suffering through a really terrible contractor on my kitchen remodel, HDR made it all better. The crew was punctual, very professional, really friendly (good with dogs!), did a superb job and was in & out quickly and efficiently.”
“It’s a very human company. They understand the human aspect of situations, and the impact. I felt that everyone tries hard to do their very best”.
“The product has always been excellent. The people have been good to work with. The jobs have been done completely and satisfactorily.”
“I’m glad I have HDR Remodeling to refer to for repairs and projects. They always help me out with questions I might have and their employees are always so professional and likeable”
Quotes from Philip and Jim
“The Big 50 Award is a significant milestone for any successful remodeling company. We feel honored to be recognized as one of the leaders in the industry and would like to congratulate our co-recipients and thank Remodeling Magazine for this opportunity”
Philip Anderson, President and Founder of HDR Remodeling
“Two years ago we set out to re-position our company as a major player in this market with a value proposition that works in the new economy. This award is a testament to those efforts and helps to validate that we are delivering a quality remodeling experience to our clients”
Jim Tibbs, SVP and Creative Director, HDR Remodeling

Jim Tibbs, SVP and Creative Director, Sheila Roman, Current Client, Philip Anderson, President


About hdrremodeling

Co-owner and Creative Director of solutions focused. highly creative residential remodeling company.
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