Benefits of Design/Build Remodeling

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The Design/Build Approach

One of the keys to success in planning any remodel is to engage a team of designers, product specialists, technical experts, project managers and craftspeople who work as a seamless unit.   Ideally this team has worked together before, knows how to collaborate effectively and has established a process for working together that is cost efficient and produces an outstanding result.  Many homeowners choose to put together their own team by interviewing and hiring an architect, designer and contractor with the hope that the collaboration will be a success…and many times it is.    This approach puts the homeowner in the role of team captain which requires a significant investment of time and money to keep everyone aligned and on task.  Too often, the trade professionals involved have slightly different agendas, are competing for their share of the budget and have not had the opportunity to develop effective ways of transferring information and streamlining hand-offs.   This situation results in cost overruns, schedule delays and a lot of stress for the homeowner.   Fortunately, there is another way to organize and plan your remodel to avoid these pitfalls.

Many homeowners have discovered the benefits of hiring one company to manage the project from initial concept to final inspection including all of the phases of planning, design and construction.    This approach is called Design/Build Remodeling and is based on the premise of hiring a company that provides all of the necessary services to organize and execute your project.   The benefits of choosing this model are numerous:

  • You are hiring a team with standard practices and a single objective versus independent professionals with their own agendas and priorities
  • You are led through the complex process of remodeling by a team of experts rather than having to lead the team yourself.
  • It is more efficient and therefore less expensive to work with a single company.
  • The project budget is developed along with the design which provides more accurate information early in the process and reduces the number of budget surprises late in the game.
  • The ordering and tracking of fixtures and finishes is well coordinated which reduces the chances of inconvenient delays.
  • The hand-off from design to production is usually more thorough and complete which helps to keep the project on budget and on time.
  • The design team remains involved throughout construction to answer questions and consult on city inspection issues that may arise.

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One Response to Benefits of Design/Build Remodeling

  1. Stacie says:

    Even if you are not planning to sell your home anytime soon, you will most certainly reap the benefits from greater comfort,
    energy savings and a greater sense of pride. If there isn.
    Custom remodeling projects might include bookcases,
    toy shelves and cabinets.

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