HDR Remodeling Celebrates 25 Years in 2012

HDR Remodeling, one of the East Bay’s most trusted remodeling contractors, is proud and excited to celebrate its 25th anniversary as a successful business this 2012. To mark this momentous occasion, the company will be hosting special customer, supplier and employee events throughout the year.
“This 25th anniversary comes at a pivotal time in the history of HDR Remodeling. Our design and build business has really started to take off over the last year. It is another example of how the business has evolved, transformed and reinvented itself under Philip’s leadership,” said Jim Tibbs, Creative Director of HDR Remodeling.
HDR Remodeling, a East Bay home remodeling company was established in 1987 as a one-man handyman business, named Honey Do Repair, that was headquartered in Philip Anderson’s guest room. Since then, the company has expanded from home maintenance and repair work to include design and build remodeling services, and it has changed its name from Honey Do Repair to HDR Remodeling. In 2009, Jim Tibbs joined HDR Remodeling as creative director, bringing into the company 30 years of experience in the apparel business and enhancing the company’s design capabilities. Over the course of its history, HDR Remodeling has worked on over 5,000 homes in the East Bay.
HDR Remodeling’s 25th anniversary celebration serves as a tribute to its loyal clients who have supported the business and trusted the quality experience the company provides.


About hdrremodeling

Co-owner and Creative Director of solutions focused. highly creative residential remodeling company.
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