Best Energy Efficient Light Bulb on the Market

If you have been searching for an energy efficient alternative to your incandescent light bulbs, your search has ended.  The Philips Dimmable Ambient LED A19 light bulb is the answer.   The light it puts off has the warm quality of an incandescent bulb that most people prefer.  Better yet, it costs about 9 cents a month to operate which saves you $140 per year in electricity.   The bulb costs $24 but it pays for itself in about 3 months in energy savings.   Even better, the bulb will last about 20 years and will save you $1,000’s over the life of the product.   LED bulbs are far superior to compact fluorescent bulbs because they fit any standard screw-in socket,  are dimmable and do not pollute the environment with mercury when disposed of.    I am in the process of converting all of my light fixtures to this bulb.      If you want to do the same here is a link to where you can purchase them.


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