Remodeling and Resale

Determine the target audience for your remodeled house.  

One of the first questions that I ask prospective clients is how long intend to live in their house after it is remodeled.    My reasoning is to determine if the improvements are intended primarily for the current owners or to optimize the sale of the house to new owners.   In most cases it is a combination of these two goals. 

 If you are planning to sell your house within the next five years then the resale value of the changes you are making should weigh heavily in your decision-making.  Focus your budget where it will deliver the greatest return and help to maximize the selling price.  If your time horizon is 5-10 years then I recommend a combination of improvements that enhance the resale value of the house with improvements that are customized for your family’s enjoyment.   If your time horizon is more than 10 years then the primary objective is to create a comfortable and attractive space that your family will enjoy for many years to come. 


About hdrremodeling

Co-owner and Creative Director of solutions focused. highly creative residential remodeling company.
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