Five Fundamentals of Decorating

Most people gravitate to the beautiful photographs in design magazines but I actually read the articles to gain an understanding of the designer’s thought process in creating the space.   In doing so, I have arrived at five fundamentals of decorating that have served me well over the years which I now gladly share with you.

  1. Fill your home with things you love.   I am a big proponent of purchasing art, furniture and objets d’art that excite and move you even if you don’t know where they will go in your home when you buy them.  These are the items that will give you the greatest pleasure over time and will help to create a space that is uniquely yours.
  2. Invest in quality not quantity.   If your budget is tight, start furnishing your home with a few good pieces as the nucleus of a design scheme that will evolve and change over time as your finances permit.   You are much better off buying good quality used furniture that can be refinished or reupholstered than buying lesser quality new furniture with a limited lifespan.
  3. Form follows function.   When planning the décor of a room, start with a clear understanding of how you want to use and experience the space and use that knowledge to guide the selection of the furnishings, fixtures and finishes to complete the room.
  4. Lighting is everything.  It creates atmosphere, drama and intrigue in a room no matter what the caliber of the furnishings within.
    1. The first rule of good lighting is to install dimmer switches on all ceiling fixtures and wall sconces.
    2. The second rule is to use table and floor lamps to create pools of light and shadow that enhance the feeling of intimacy and warmth no matter what the size of the room.
    3. Paint is your best investment.   A good paint job in the right color scheme can perform miracles in a drab space.   Dollar for dollar, it is your best investment.

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Co-owner and Creative Director of solutions focused. highly creative residential remodeling company.
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