Five Home Design Trends for Today and Tomorrow

An important part of my job as a designer is to spot emerging trends in the marketplace and to help my clients decide if these trends are right for their homes.   The tricky part of the process is differentiating the trends that have lasting power from the fads that will become quickly dated.

These are some of the emerging trends that I predict will stand the test of time.  

Nifty Shades of Gray: After a twenty year hiatus, the color gray has made a major comeback in a variety of categories.   As a wall color, gray looks great in a wide range of options from pearl to charcoal especially with crisp white trim to set it off.   I am also seeing some beautiful interpretations of gray-tone stains on kitchen cabinets as well as wood flooring.  


Top Brass: Brass is another decorative finish that has been absent from the design scene for many decades  The brass finish that is trend-right today is not the polished brass of the 1970’s but instead is a mellow, burnished brass that brings a warm accent to your living space.  The brass trend is making its mark in light fixtures as well as cabinet hardware of all types.


Two-tone Kitchens: Another trend that has quickly taken hold is the use of multiple cabinet finishes or colors in the same kitchen.   The two most common interpretation of this trend is to differentiate the color of the wall cabinets from the island or peninsula cabinets.   Another variation of this trend is to use base cabinets in a darker color to help ground the space with the upper cabinets in a lighter color to create a feeling of openness at eye level. 


R and R: One of the best ways to preserve the environment and add a lot of character to your home is to repurpose and reinvent fixtures and furniture for your newly remodeled space.  Light fixtures, bathroom vanities, sink cabinets, kitchen islands and countertops are among the most common places in your home to interpret this trend. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, there are some really cool projects that will enhance your home and allow you to express your DIY creativity.


Industrial Chic: People of all ages have really embraced the industrial look of early twentieth century factories for their homes.   Even in the suburbs, homeowners are converting to loft floor plans with exposed beams and industrial hardware and light fixtures.  The prevalent use of the Edison light bulb (clear bulb with a visible filament) is an example of a vintage, industrial look that has really caught on.  The industrial trend is important not so much because it is emerging but because it is one of the most influential trends in home design today.


 Incorporating any of these five trends into your home will update and modernize your living space for today while keeping it relevant for years to come.


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  1. Jax Beckett says:

    Love your kitchen! My kids love the bike in the bathroom. Always looking for great blogs to follow. Thanks,

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